ADR recordings in Greece with Maria Bakalova and Jojo T Gibbs

Apart from all Greek actors who record in our studios, we are often visited by famous foreign Hollywood actors who are in Greece and have to record for their new films.

The amazing Maria Bakalova and Jojo T Gibbs recently spent several hours with us, recording dialogues (ADR) from their films which are currently in post production phase.

Our studios are chosen because they meet all the necessary specifications required by the major film production companies, so that a live video recording can be made with the film’s studios abroad. And because we undertake everything: from the pre-production process, to the final synchronization of the dialogues on the film and sending it to the production company.

We record in full compatibility with ProTools, and with all the series of microphones required for each different situation (condensers, lavaliers, shotguns).

Maria Bakalova
Maria Bakalova
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