“All you want is Greece” Multilingual recordings for the new Greek tourism campaign, broadcasted all over the world

The new Greek tourism campaign entitled All you want is Greece, which we recorded in English, German, French and Russian, is already on the air all over the world, produced by Foss Productions

Whatever one needs, can definitely find it this summer in Greece! Beaches, archeological sites, food, nature, tranquility and many more.

After a demanding casting for native English voice actors for the production company Foss Productions, we chose the voice of the main narrator, who asks the protagonists of the films, what they want for this summer. The same voice at the end reveals that Greece is exactly what everyone is looking for (each for his own reason). Then we did localization by dubbing in 3 more basic languages ​​(German, French and Russian), so that the dynamic return of Greece to tourism can be heard in countries where dubbing even in commercials is necessary.

This year EOT implements one of the biggest promotion programs in the last 10 years, with a six-month campaign with the central motto: “All you want is Greece – All you need is Greece” as stated by the secretary general of EOT Mr. Fraggakis pointing out that the main goal is: “People, values ​​and experiences”.

Watch the 5 themed English videos

#allyouwantisgreece #visitgreece

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