Audio and voice services

Radio commercials, telephone messages and IVR, instore and indoor announcements, jingles, radio station imaging, dubbing and ADR, famous tv actors voices, multilingual recordings, sound design and more

All voice and audio production services, everyday available for you at NRG Productions Greece

Radio Ads

An entire story in 30 seconds. Radio spots are all time favorites and one of our most wanted categories.

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At the image era, every activity can be presented in a modern and clever way, combining sound and image. Corporate recording is an important part of any business promotion.

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Instore Indoor

The useful information we hear in any public place can be both attractive and at the same time. Shops, airplanes, ships, exhibitions, museums, gadgets, can host any type of audio application that we can produce

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Station imaging

Radio Identity, or otherwise Radio Imaging: The basic rule for a successful radio or network station We have created full station imaging for the most popular radios in Greece and Cyprus

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Sound design

Imagine a film without music and natural sounds (a wave that blows without being heard, the thriller without the music of agony at the moments of the murder) Here, the sound designer plays the leading role !!! ....

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The modern image of a business depends of many things And almost always "is heard" in its call center

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NRG Jingles. The perfect way to climb the consumer ... charts! From Urban-hiphop, up to Caribbean chacha, from Cretan mantinada, up to Classic latin, but also Country pop, Reggae, and Dance, and 50s rockabilly, and Opera, and of course Christmas tunes!

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TV Actors

We record all the famous television and theater actors. Select the voice and let us handle all the booking and production details.

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Audio guides

Audio tours (or audio guides) are particularly popular in museums and places of historical interest, or thematic exhibitions

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International voices

Best Voices is the only vertically organized company in Greece, dealing with multilingual voice over recordings, for all kinds of speech and localization applications, for broadcasting to foreign markets and foreign target groups.

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Along with the sound, subtitles are an important part of a movie ​

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Music gives the final shape to any of our productions That's why we choose the world's leading music production partners

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All modern audio services daily at your disposal via
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