Sound design

Sound and effects for films

Imagine a film without music and natural sounds (a wave that sparks without being heard, the thriller without anxiety music at the moment of murder)

This is where the sound designer transforms a simple animation into a truly live work

Sound and foley effects, ambiences and weird sounds combine with music voices and imagination, literally transforming a visual production

At NRG Productions we offer top level sound design, working in ProTools Ultimate environment, creating all kinds of folley fx with specially equipped external recording units, and having contracts with the world’s top sound effects libraries, when the requirements are highly specialized

An impressive film about Alumil Academy, in which we gave life, designing all sound details

Hyundai Elandra, through a riveting spot, of which we edited every sound, in every detail. One of our favorite sound designs of 2020.

New Q makes it simple, self-evident. Sound and music design, voice recording and direction for the latest spot of the Q telephony company, which is really stormy!

Sparkles that dance, and give the rhythm,
life jackets and umbrellas complement the summer picture!

A Nissan TV spot

Easter giant eggs, dragons and helicopters in
a small story that we sound designed for Jumbo

The night walk of a company that ends in a party
after suddenly turning off the lights of the city

A film about Epsa

A simple spot for Hellmans ketchup, based on sound
effects mainly. Many of which were created by mouth!

The well-known TV spot of KINAL starring the tins that change identity after various political adventures!